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A place dedicated to the Goddess

The Sea Temple is in Dalyellup, Western Australia. It is a place to gather and spend heart time celebrating the elements and the natural world. 

A place where we can celebrate our spirituality in organic and emerging practices. 

We dedicate this space to the Goddesses of water and the Goddesses of our hearts. As we reclaim the cycles of women and nature.  

Email below to find out more information about events and gatherings



We gather at the new and full moon

 Moon times for 2021

  • January New Moon 13th - Full 29th

  • February New Moon 12th - Full 27th

  • March New Moon 13th - Full 29th

  • April New Moon 12th - Full 22nd

  • May New Moon 12th- Full 26th

  • June New Moon 10th - Full 25th

  • July New Moon 10th - Full 24th

  • August New Moon 8th - Full 22nd

  • Sept New Moon 7th -Full 21st

  • Oct New Moon 6th - Full 21st

  • Nov New Moon 5th - Full 19th

  • Dec New Moon 4th - Full 19th

To find out more please contact us. 



"Louise Tarrier is a very gifted, heart centred Trainer and Facilitator  of the Sea Priestess Course. 
It is a magical, inspiring, healing and totally devotional Goddess experience. 
Louise gently and wisely guides you, with Her beautiful meditations and prayers, and other inspirational Course work. Her connection to Goddess flows radiantly as ancient knowledge of the way of the Sea Priestess is reawakened and reclaimed.
It is truly an outstanding Course and I highly recommend Louise Tarrier's Training.

Lakshmi Westwood
Ocean Heart Priestess"

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