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Will Creativity save the World?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

If ever there was a time that the world needed creative solutions its now! The news about our climate and what we are doing to the planet and her creatures seems to get worse each day. It feels like sitting on a ticking time bomb where each day the ticking gets louder and louder.

I work for organisations where we inspire individuals to connect with nature and to fund the planting of trees. This gives me a great deal of hope, but I also know that we need a lot more trees if we are really going to make a difference. As a Priestess and as an earth loving woman I want to make a difference through my actions and my inspirations. My personal way is to bring my creativity as an expression of my devotion. The reason I love creativity as a devotional tool is because I know the courage it requires from me every single day to really bring my creative acts into every space in my life. And how when I am able to bring that courage real change happens.

My creativity is a prayer. It is my connection to that universal energy that flows through every living thing on this planet. Through the rocks and the stones, the ocean waves and the deep loamy earth. When I activate my creativity I activate my life force and I reinforce my connection. It is imbedded into everything I do, it is my own personal sadhana. Without it my life ceases to have meaning and I find that I disconnect with the natural world and my own nature. And I know when its happening because suddenly everything feels out of balance! And of course it happens, my creativity is a practice, and as a practice it requires me to consistently bring myself back to it.

The words creativity and courage go hand in hand for me. Discovering and then working with our creativity helps us to find our authentic voice and to remember who we are. That takes a great deal of courage. When we enter life courageously it encourages us to invite collaboration into our lives and to appreciate diverse voices and ways of knowing. Instead of avoiding and fearing change we welcome it into our life and we develop a questioning and inquiring frame of mind. As a result our decision making improves because we recognise patterns in ourselves and others. We also come to understand the importance of personal reflection both within our decision making and in our wider lives.

We build an appreciation for ‘right brain’ thinking, for imaginational and non-linear ways of interpreting the world. That is not to say that linear ‘left brain’ thinking is wrong, of course not. We just build an appreciation for the more intuitive and imaginative capabilities that we all possess. In combination we can then make wiser and more respectful decisions.

Gaining trust and respect from those around us.

Creativity also inspires gratitude that requires expression. So for me my creativity is also a prayer, a prayer of gratitude, a prayer that heals division in my appreciation of self and others, and a spiritual practice which informs my decision making. It brings me in touch with my humanity and my own inner wisdom.

What I have also discovered is that we are all creative. Yes everyone, even you. And I am not talking here about being an artist, a musician or a writer although of course you may be all these things. I am speaking to being able to look at your life with fresh eyes and to come up with a vision for your life that nurtures and feeds you. We all have this ability to be creative, we are born that way. Our creativity may show up in very different ways but it is there, and it is that very uniqueness that is the key. What is really exciting about this discovery is the opportunity that then presents itself when we realise we are can rewrite the story of our lives. When we realise we can envision a better future not just for ourselves but also for our wider communities and the planet.

It is our creativity that will save the world!


Louise is a Priestess of the Goddess the finance mama for TreeSisters and a wild soul woman who is passionate about life, the planet, the trees, and in particular being a water protector. She believes that when we are in deep connection with our passions and life purpose that we come into right relationship with our community and the wider environment, and that living our passion is the birthright of all. To learn more about creativity as a lifelong practice. Visit the website.

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