The power of sisterhood

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

We gather regularly on the Friday following the New or Full moon, I look forward to those nights with my whole body. A chance to spend some quality time in sisterhood and to feel the power that is being in my woman body.

We don’t spend a huge amount of time talking. Instead we let the music guide us, maybe into dance, or into a space of deep meditation. Sometimes we let the rhythm of the drum guide us or we look to the moon and how we can express her phases in our body. We journey around our circle, giving our gratitude to the elements that make up this natural world to which we are connected, earth, air, fire and water.

At this time of year, we begin by turning towards the East and we watch the candle flames that we have lit in our temple space. The light of the sun fades as the moon rises and we give thanks for our home and hearth, for our creative fire, for the sun and the warmth of our bodies and the earth.

Then we turn towards the south and we bless the earth, we taste the strawberries and chocolate placed on the small altar we have set up that represents our connection to Gaia, to mama earth and all of her beings. The trees, the plants, the animals, the fish, the insects and the rocks and stones.

Moving clockwise we turn to the west and to water, we give thanks for the ocean such a huge part of this western land. We notice how our emotions like the tide ebb and flow. We feel the pull of the moon in our own bodies. We are in deep gratitude for our watery bodies, for the waters of Gaia that we bless as we drink and toast the day.

Finally we turn to the North to air, and give thanks for the breath of life, for the prana that flows through our body. For the wisdom of air and the mental realms. We give gratitude for the soft gentle breezes and the whirlwind of our minds and lives. For our families and friends and all those whose lives we touch. We allow our limbic senses to open up to the incense that fills the air.


In the centre, we give thanks to our sisters, to all of the women and men in our lives. For the spirit of gratitude and love that we keep in our centre. We give thanks to the ancestors of this place. We ask for their blessing on our evening, we ask that they might know that we love the earth too and bring their blessings to our centre.

These are the simple rites of sisterhood and of gratitude for Gaia, for each other and for all beings. In this place, there is no seeking or yearning, just a beautiful descent into the rest of the body. This is the power of sisterhood.

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