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The gold of a daily practice

Let practice undo me

Let it caress my weary body

Let it be sunlight in my morning and moonlight as I move towards rest

Let it be the whisper of all that begs for attention in the garden of my life

Let it be the temple that is Home

Let it be the food at my table

Let it be the softness of my commitment

Let it be the touch of my beloved

Let it undo me completely, till I feel presence embodied in each breath I take. Till my gratitude knows no limits and my heart is as wide as the ocean.

Let practice be my undoing. (Louise Tarrier April 2018)

Photo by: Lucas Benjamin

I believe our creativity is the method by which we can access healing and emotional connection with each other and the planet. Being creative is our natural way of being and our purpose as individuals. By accessing our creativity through our imagination and intuition we are able to fulfil our life’s purpose and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. How do we create circumstances and environments that enable us to access this intuition and to discover and nurture our creativity in a sacred way?

"When we are in deep connection both with our own passions and life purpose we can gain understanding of the ‘other’ and develop compassion, ensuring that we are in right relationship with each other and the wider natural environment."

We all know and love the feeling when we are genuinely connected, to nature, our families, our life. When we are on retreat, or holidays, or just have the time to get out and be in nature it can be simple. It can be hard in the midst of our busy lives to create this connection consistently in a conscious way.

Something I have learned from my own experience of wanting deeper connection is that having and committing to a daily practice is a the way in which I can create this connection in a consistent form. By showing up every day to my practice, whether or not I actually feel the connection during my practice time, opens me up to experience a deeper sense of my creative and intuitive self.

And the great thing about this is its proven! Science shows that by committing to a daily practice, whether that's a gratitude practice, meditation or something as simple as lighting a candle. That our lives really do get better. (

Consistent behaviours are a great way to let our subconscious know that we are committed to ourselves and our lives. We can also dedicate our practice to something beyond ourselves, God, Goddess, Divine Presence, we then bring ourselves into service to life and to greater meaning beyond our own ego needs.

If you are new to a spiritual practice the good news is that is doesn't need to long or difficult. What it does have to have though is consistency. That means that whatever you decide to do you do it at the same time every day.

I also believe that when we connect our daily practice with the natural world an alchemical magic occurs, that connects us more deeply to nature and our own life. A practice that is in tune with the seasons, and the moon cycles, creates a greater awareness of our place in the order of things. It allows us to breathe life into our creations, and imaginations. By utilising natural magic as well as the magic of intention we can create lasting connection and bring those connected feelings into our daily lives.

Five daily practices that can connect you to the natural world that you might like to try:

  1. Walking the same route each day, at the same time, and noticing the changes in the environment.

  2. Lighting a candle as the moon rises each night.

  3. Praying over water.

  4. Mindful breathing with the ocean

  5. Nature gratitude journal

I would love to hear more from you about how your nature practice is enhancing your life, your difficulties with sustaining a practice and what you have found most effective. I know that my nature practice is life sustaining for me. It makes me more resilient and has been a key to unlocking my creativity.


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