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On Whales and being the change!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Recently I attended the Augusta Whale Song festival. It was a great day out, we got to find out lots about whale watching, met a real live mermaid whilst enjoying the beauty that is the small town of Augusta.

It also made me think about how in the past the South West region of Western Australia was a place where whales were once killed rather than watched.

The whaling industry in Western Australia began in the 1880's and carried on until 1978. Over 40,000 humpbacks were killed during this period. When the whaling industry ended the focus changed towards protecting whales and the whale watching industry that now thrives here began. I know that protecting large sea mammals is still a huge priority and that the work continues. Continued whaling in other parts of the world, plastics, and loss of fish stocks are continuing to have a devastating impact on not just whales but all marine species. However attending this event lifted my spirits because it reminded me that we can change and that thankfully the whale killing industry in my region has now turned into the whale watching industry proving that we can change as a species towards life enhancing activities rather than life damaging ones. When hope can seem hard to come by, attending this event filled me with the hope change is possible.

So if you feel like making a change here are 5 things you can do to help marine life today:

1. Cut down on your plastic use

This can be easier said than done but trying to find alternatives can be fun too...

2. Find a local beach clean near you

Connect with a local beach clean organisation near you, and if there isn't one start one! Leave nothing behind.

3. Join a marine conservation organisation

Find a local or national organisation that makes your heart sing and then pledge to support them, financially or via volunteering.

4. Avoid buying ocean harming products

Find out which products are harmful and stop using them today. Clothing, cosmetics, cleaning products, garden fertilisers. All of these items can have devastating impacts on the ocean.

5. Take Action

Become an activist for the ocean. Whether you post on social media, write letters to representatives or take action on the ground, every voice counts.

Even small actions can make a big difference and combined they are super powerful. We can be the change.


Louise is a Priestess of the Goddess the finance mama for TreeSisters and a wild soul woman who is passionate about life, the planet, the trees, and in particular being a water protector. She believes that when we are in deep connection with our passions and life purpose that we come into right relationship with our community and the wider environment, and that living our passion and bring forth our creative self is the birthright of all. To find out more visit her website and you can subscribe to our mailing list here

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