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Nature and Synchronicity​​

Starfish at Dunsborough in Western Australia

There is a truth that has run through my whole life. It is that I can trust my intuition and my inner knowing. That doesn't mean that I have always done so. There have been times when I have done the exact opposite. I am sure you can all relate?

When I am in the flow of listening to my intuition, there is something magical that happens in that nature responds. When I am deeply embedded in my inner knowing, the natural world steps in and confirms my intuition. Usually, birds or animals show up just when I am looking for confirmation. I think that is why walking in nature and on the beach in particular plays such an essential part in my life. Because it's on these walks that I get to experience these confirmations. I also find that when I am meditating more that this happens. I believe it's because when we are in a "flow" state of listening to our intuition or in nature that we notice. I don't think that these synchronicities ever go away; it is just our experience of whether or not we see them that changes.

Of course, we are most receptive to these signs when we are willing to trust our intuition. When we trust our heart, we know that these are genuine signs because we are moved. We don't doubt them because we know in a deep part of ourselves they are true. This breadcrumb trail tells us that we are on the right path. Conversely, when we are not on the right track, we feel it strongly too. It can feel as if we are swimming against the tide. Or that life is placing obstacles in our way.

Sometimes signs can be more dramatic, ill health or accidents. Or we can be directed or distracted in a way that stops these events from happening. Instinct also tells us when things aren't right. When we act in these situations against our intuition, we are setting ourselves up for conditions that aren't always in our best interests.

Being in a place where we can consistently trust our intuition is, in my experience, one of "rewilding". It is building a relationship with our animal body. An embodied state of being means being comfortable with those parts of ourselves that we might suppress or deny. We can restore our sense of ourselves in our animal body. We can cease to feel ashamed of our instinctual needs and urges. Our wild self knows in ways that our intellectual self may not have access to.

The practice for this week is a chance to listen to our embodied animal body and seeing what it has to tell us.


Rewilding Meditation and Journalling.

Find a place where you can be in nature. This can be a park or wild nature, depending on where you live. Have a journal and pen nearby.

We are going to move into a space of deep listening. Take time to spend time with your breath. Begin by listening to your own breath and the rhythms of your body. Experience your breath and the sensual nature of your breath as it enters your lungs and moves throughout your body. Listen to what your body wants to tell you. Take time to scan your body and listen to what it wants to say. Spend time with your breath.

After a few minutes of spending time within your own body, begin to take your attention out to the place where your body meets with the ground and the air around you. Take notice of your body's interaction with this space. Take your listening out to this point. What noises can you hear from the earth and in your immediate vicinity? Spend time listening.

Then move your attention out further out to the area where you are sitting. Spend time tuning in and listening to what is around you. Then move your attention further out again and again. See how far out of your space you can hear. When you feel you have moved out as far as you can with your listening. Repeat the above but this time move back in until you are circling with your breath.

When you are complete. Spend 5 minutes journaling using these questions as prompts:

  1. What does my body wish me to hear?

  2. In connection with the earth, what does my body need?

  3. In connection with time and space, what can I perceive?

Journal to these questions and write anything else that came up for you.

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