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Mermaid Wisdom

Artist: Gill Robinson 2011

'You’ve been walking the ocean’s edge,

holding up your robes to keep them dry.

You must dive naked under, and deeper under,

a thousand times deeper!'


What is it about Mermaids? Why do they enchant us so? They remain firmly embedded in

our mythology and we are drawn to them, magically, mystically. As we are drawn to the

water. Drawn to the Sea our birthplace. It’s as if we instinctively know that it is from the

water we evolved and we deeply remember our watery birthplace. The Mermaid draws us

back there, back to the beginning.

My first encounter with the mermaids was when as a child my parents took me out on a sea raft, a pleasure craft for the beach. Out on this raft, they accidentally dropped me into the shallow waters and then panicked when they couldn’t find me on the sea floor.

My mother tells me how for what seemed like an age they fished around looking

for me. I believe the mermaids held me that day, and instead of drowning I was initiated

into my power, into my divine soul purpose. Although of course, I didn’t come into this

knowledge until many years later.

I have always lived close to the sea and when I stray too far inland I hear the waves and

the voices of the mermaids calling me home. They always have wisdom for me, the sea

always takes my prayers and my inner longings and sings them back to me. Whether wild

or calm the sea always mirrors back to me my emotional body and soothes me when I am

in need of rest. Yet I also have a deep fear of the ocean too, a fear of being swept away and

of drowning. I am a strong swimmer but I often stay near the shoreline. The Sea

represents my shadow as well as my light. Mermaid Wisdom teaches me about shadow

work, about soul work, about what is necessary to lead a life of joy and freedom, and she

teaches me about losing myself to wild nature. I am deeply grateful for Mermaid Wisdom.

The Mermaid is the holder of the mirror; the mirror is the window into the soul. She can look into her heart and see what is there to be discovered. In her use of the mirror she can look deep within herself, understanding her motivations and her true nature. It is within these reflections that she can understand her deepest desire. Her ability to reflect is one of her key strengths. Her comb untangles, it moves through her hair separating each strand and bringing order. In the past hair has been seen as being an element of our life force. To cut our hair is to lose our connection to nature. The mermaid sits upon the rock using her comb in her hair as a symbol of bringing order to nature. She brings order to the natural world. Her comb symbolises, the natural order, not manmade order, and places her in touch with her instinctual self. Her comb signifies to the masculine that she values natural order. It is a message that in union the natural order will be restored...


To read more about mermaid wisdom and to download the free Mermaid Wisdom ebooklet click here

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