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Full Moon Magic!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Can you feel it? The magic of the Full Moon. Pulling the tides inside your body. There is something so incredible about this time of the month. Our calendars are tied into the solar cycle, but our bodies recognize the moon cycle. The waxing and waning, the new to full. All of nature responds to the moon. Tide and time are intrinsically linked.

This month the tides are high, whether Spring or Autumn, the moon rises to fullness, and the tides rise high too at the equinox. As a Sea Priestess, this is a particularly potent time of the year. A time of magic. A time to feel that same fullness within our bodies. A time to surrender to sensuality. To sink into the bliss of bodily pleasure. In times of old Priestesses would practice clearing their womb space before the full moon. This cleansing act would restore their power and allow them to harness the energies of the full moon within their womb space. Making their magic more powerful.

I love the full moon; it's a wild time, a time to really connect to my body. I am a creature of this earth, and the moon tides run through the waters of my own body, bringing them to fullness. It is also a time to ponder on what has manifested since the new moon? To review what has peaked needs to be released as the moon wanes.

This full moon, I am going back to basics. To self-care, so needed at the moment, in every area of our lives. I want to share a simple candle spell that includes a bath time ritual. Enjoy this month's full moon energy.

Magical Moon Ritual
Download PDF • 206KB

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