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Confidence and growth - plant magic!

This week I have been thinking a lot about confidence and how being unconfident in my abilities when it comes to my magical life has held me back. I have long been the eternal student. I am always convinced that if I just take one more course, if I just learn one more new thing, I will be able to bring myself and what I want to share out into the world. This past year though, I have realised that it is time to get over myself and get what I love and want to share out into the world in a much bigger way!

I've been doing magical work since the 1990s. Those who know me understand that it is my life's work. It has brought me closer and closer to a connection with the Earth and the waters. Leading eventually to me changing my whole career to work for not-for-profits that are planting trees and protecting forests. It's no surprise that my spirituality and training as a Priestess led me to this path. I have also recently enjoyed sharing my home with my friend's daughter, who is in her late teens. She is beginning the course that I started many years ago. I see all those same desires for a charmed life blossoming in her and the same lack of confidence in the beginning. Uncertainty about "how to do things right". As I move into my elder years, I want to help. This is why I have begun sharing my blog each week. There are so many simple magical techniques that can bring joy into our lives.

There is much work in my community about grief and healing, and these are both super essential elements that we need to work on. On our spiritual path, we understand that there is both dark and light. Having been on my own healing journey, I realise that sometimes in my desire for healing, I have forgotten the magic that also exists and can bring so much joy into my daily life. I have got a bit mired in the grief, a bit deep in the swamp. I long for that innocent magic that brought me such joy when I was in my twenties.

So through my blogs, I want to share some magic, spells, and mediations that can bring spring into our step. It doesn't mean I want to ignore the seriousness or spiritually bypass. Just that I also know we all need some joy too in amongst it all. And I believe we need that now more than ever. Like a seed, there is some time required buried deep in the Earth germinating. But there is also a time when some sunshine is necessary, particularly when a little bit of water is added to create the magic of growth. My blog is intended to bring a bit of organic matter and add it to the mix, and I hope that we can all grow together during this time and get some magic into our lives.


Plant Magic!

This first spell is designed to "grow" what you need in your life.

Planting something and watching it grow is a great way to bring joy, and getting my hands in the dirt always makes me feel happy.

So think about what you might like to grow more of in your life, and then pick a plant that provides that sympathetic magic.

Work and prosperity - Sunflowers, Marigolds, lemon balm....any plant with a golden/yellow hue will attract the sun and bring expansive abundance.

Luck and good fortune - Daffodils, strawberries, heather, myrtle

Healing and good health - Lavender, Angelica, Fennel, lemon balm.

Knowledge and wisdom - Rosemary, Basil, mint, sage.

After choosing your plant, and reading the planting instructions, find a comfortable place to sit with your plant. Imagine a golden light connecting you and the plant to the Earth, the sun, the water, and air. Imagine these elements filling both you and the plant with all the qualities you want to grow in your life. Ask the plant if it would like to help you with your magic. You will get a strong feeling of yes or no. If no, don't be concerned. Just plant this one, and choose another. If yes...

Imagine the blessings that you want in your life, whether abundance, healing or wisdom, surrounding both you and the plant and blessing your life. When you feel that energy gathering and settling on both you and the plant, say a blessing over the plant.

"May this plant grow strong, may it be blessed with gentle rains, warm sunshine and gentle breezes. May the Earth into which it is planted be full of nutrients that grow the ________ (insert quality) that is in my life. May this plant be a visualisation through its growth of the __________(insert quality) that is now in my life. May this plant thrive and be full of vigour and life force. Blessed be."

You can then plant your plant in good organic matter. Place it somewhere where it will receive just the right amount of life. Water it in, and each time you water and feed your plant, say the above blessing.

What you desire in your life will grow. Make sure to give thanks to this plant for helping you.

Leafy plants like to be planted in a waxing moon, but you don't need to plant at night. Mornings are a great time to do this kind of magic.

You can take this type of magic as far as you like and plant a magical plot in your garden.

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