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10TH MAY TO 16TH MAY 2019

Do you long to express what lives in your wild heart, but feel blocked or scared? 
Do your creative notions get derailed by confusion and self-criticism, before they 
take root? 
Do you find yourself thinking, I have nothing new to say or offer?

While most creative programs focus on craft, discipline, and goal-setting, they often ignore the underlying reasons that block your path. You never come to understand the uniquely personal, but also the universal way in which your creative work flows. And so you continue to wonder: Why can’t I ever seem to birth my creativity into the world? 

This retreat provides a map of the creative process. The deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains, and grasslands are wise mentors, teaching you about your creativity. Each landscape holds metaphors and images that can show you how to overcome any obstacles or challenges that stand in your way. Like a wildflower breaking through a pavement, your creativity has an earth-born intelligence and resilience that is longing to be released. 

Inspired by the beautiful transformative setting of the Granada Mountains in Southern Spain, you will come to intimately know your wild woman creatrix. This is a heroine’s journey of danger, beauty, and delight. It is designed to break down resistance and unleash your creative self to a place of homecoming, until you are ready to share your art, writing, business or creative vision with the wider world. 

Whether you have a specific project you want to complete, or just sense the stirrings of something arising within, we ask that you drop your fixed ideas of what it will be or what it will look like at the threshold of this journey. Enter with beginner’s mind, allowing these great archetypes to work on you, guide you, and bring you into the deepest awareness of the potential gift you hold. 

You are here to root your creativity in the depths of your wild soul, so that whatever springs forth comes from a place of profound knowing and vitality. 

Throughout the week, you will be emboldened by poetry, embodied practices, ritual, and journal writing. You must engage your imagination and your full-bodied presence to access your creativity and step into the deepest longings for your creations. 

The world needs your gifts. There is no time to waste. This is your moment to reach for your vision, to know what it is and how to make it real. And the Earth, in all her forms, will support you every step of the way. 

* Discover how earth’s landscapes offer deep wisdom for every stage of the creative process 

* Release your creativity from the chains and shames that hold it (and you) back 

* Become the heroine of your own creative journey 

* Bring forth your gifts from a wild, heart-centred and embodied place 

* Engage in poetry, ritual, movement, and practices that awaken deep-imagination 

The journey maps a process that you can use over a lifetime to empower and embody your creativity. After the retreat, you will understand your unique creative process and can use this knowledge to bring forth unique and soul-based creative ideas. 

Our journey begins in the Deserts, where we lay bare our deepest desires. What stirrings in our soul have we ignored or lay waste to? Can we love the unproductive, the still parts, the parts of us that feel barren? Can we let go of what wasn’t birthed, what wasn’t meant to be? 

Entering the Forests we engage the mystery. Which of our creations is opening a path for us? We will call to our ancestral knowing, our motherliness, to help us see with new eyes what has always been there. Can we rely on our intuition and trust the magic of the forest to lead us to places we haven’t previously envisaged? 

In the Oceans and Rivers we surrender. We let go and allow. We discover who we are when we flow outward from a deep inner source that is never ending and that feeds us consistently. How can we embody and give form to our desire? 

On our fifth day, we head to the Mountains and the journey moves into the outer realms. It is in the mountains that our fortitude is tested. No longer are our creations dreams, they are being birthed, and it can be messy and difficult. What will be required of us to bring our visions into the world? 

Finally, in the Grasslands, our creation is fully embodied. We can feel it, touch it, and know it as a living presence. We sense and feel what we are bringing to the wider community and how to hold it in its fullness. How do we keep our vision alive so it can touch the hearts of many? 

This journey through the landscapes unravels you into the wild soul being you have always been and truly are. It celebrates your intuitive knowing, your embodied knowing. Together we will celebrate our creativity and be seen by each other as the wild soul women we are. 

This retreat includes embodied practices, such as dance, fully clothed touch and shamanic experiences. 

What Is A Wild Soul Woman™? 

A Wild Soul Woman is journey of transformation designed and developed by Mary Reynolds Thompson, a pioneer in the emerging field of spiritual ecology and author of the award-winning “Reclaiming the Wild Soul.” For more information, see


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Mary Reynolds Thompson is the founder of Live Your Wild Soul Story, works with creatives, change-makers, and seekers who long to step into their most courageous, creative, and connected selves in order to live fully and have the impact they desire. An award-winning author, facilitator of poetry therapy, and a pioneer in the emerging field of spiritual ecology, Mary has created a unique program of transformation based on five Earth archetypes that provide a map of our wild souls. She speaks and gives workshops around the world. Her book Reclaiming the Wild Soul is a 2015 Nautilus Award-Winner. She is at work on her next book, A Wild Soul Woman.



Louise Tarrier of TreeSisters is a Priestess of the Goddess, of Avalon and the Sea and she is a wild soul woman who is passionate about life, the planet, the trees, and in particular being a water protector.  She believes that when we are in deep connection with our passions and life purpose that we come into right relationship with our community and the wider environment, and that living our passion is the birthright of all. She has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology (MATP), as well as being the course facilitator and author of the ‘The Way of the  Sea Priestess’. She is also a certified “A Wild Soul Woman facilitator (™)”



La Loma Viva (The Living Hill) had the vision to bring together earth care and people care. They are located on 10 hectares of terraced farmland, nestled beneath the Sierra Nevada mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, on the coast of Granada in southern Spain.

We have chosen La Loma Viva for our retreat site because they provide opportunities to engage with nature and the land in an experiential way. As well as providing a fully catered residential experience which encourages mindfulness and well-being. 


Day one:  Arrival, Settle into our luscious accommodation at the beautiful La Loma Viva

Welcome circle 6-8 pm. Dinner 8.30pm.

Day two:

7 am – 8 am Morning movement/yoga (optional)

8.30am – 9.30am – Breakfast

10.30am – Entering the Desert.

11.45am - Break

12 pm – 1 pm – Desert practice

1 pm – 3 pm - Lunch

3 pm – 6 pm – Desert Forgiveness Ceremony

8.30pm Dinner

Day three:

7 am – 8 am Morning movement/yoga (optional)

8.30am – 9.30am – Breakfast

10.30am – Entering the Forest.

11.45am - Break

12 pm – 1 pm – Forest practice

1 pm – 3 pm - Lunch

3 pm – 6 pm – Shamanic Forest pathway ceremony

8.30pm Dinner

Day four:

7 am – 8 am Morning movement/yoga (optional)

8.30am – 9.30am – Breakfast

10.30am –  Entering the Oceans and Rivers.

11.45am - Break

12 pm – 1 pm – Ocean and Rivers practice

1 pm – 3 pm - Lunch

3 pm – 6 pm – Embodying our desire in the Oceans and Rivers ceremony

8.30pm Dinner

Day five:

7 am – 8 am Morning movement/yoga (optional)

8.30am – 9.30am – Breakfast

10.30am –  Climbing the mountain.

11.45am - Break

12 pm – 1 pm – Mountain practice

1 pm – 3 pm - Lunch

3 pm – 6 pm – Ascent to the peak ceremony

8.30pm Dinner

Day Six:

7 am – 8 am Morning movement/yoga (optional)

8.30am – 9.30am – Breakfast

10.30am –  Entering the Grasslands

11.45am - Break

12 pm – 1 pm – Grasslands practice

1 pm – 3 pm - Lunch

3 pm – 6 pm – Celebrating our belonging ceremony

8.30pm Dinner

Day Seven

9 am to 10.30am Breakfast

11 am – 12.30pm Closing gratitude ceremony


To join us:

Shared twin accommodation is available at the centre. All meals are included and are delicious and organic.

Price per person is £1,220 GBP.  An early bird 10% discount is available if £1,109 is paid before the end of January 2019. An instalment plan is available total cost is £1,281 payable in three instalments. Feb 1st £427 Mar 1st £427 and April 1st £427. (adds an extra 5% to the cost, this is to cover administration and bank fees.) Direct transfer is preferred but Paypal is also offered. A £122 deposit or payment in full is required to secure your place as there are only 16 spots available at the retreat.

20% of the retreat price paid by you will go to TreeSisters and plant 808 trees per person. If you wish to make a further donation as reciprocity for your flight to the centre then please let the organiser know and add to the price of the retreat and we will make the payment on your behalf. Alternatively, you can donate at with AWSW retreat as the note.

The retreat is only open to women. We can’t offer single rooms. Participants are responsible for flights and transfers to the retreat centre. Any extra nights to be arranged separately with the retreat centre.  Please take out personal travel insurance to cover your travel and costs as refunds are not available after 1st April. If in the unlikely circumstances that the retreat facilitators have to cancel the retreat then the cost of the retreat is refundable but refunds do not include flights and transfers or any incidental expenses incurred. Please note itinerary may be subject to change.