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Louise is a Priestess of the Goddess and a wild soul woman who is passionate about life, the planet, the trees, and in particular being a water protector. She believes that when we are in deep connection with our passions and life purpose that we come into right relationship with our community and the wider environment, and that living our passion and creativity is the birthright of all.

As a Priestess and as an earth loving woman I want to make a difference through my actions and my inspirations. My personal way is to bring my creativity as an expression of my devotion. The reason I love creativity as a devotional tool is that I know the courage it requires from me every single day to really bring my creative acts into every space in my life. And how when I am able to bring that courage real change happens.

My creativity is a prayer. It is my connection to that universal energy that flows through every living thing on this planet. Through the rocks and the stones, the ocean waves and the deep loamy earth. When I activate my creativity I activate my life force and I reinforce my connection. It is embedded in everything I do, it is my own personal sadhana.

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What is it about Mermaids? Why do they enchant us so? They remain firmly embedded in our mythology and we are drawn to them, magically, mystically. As we are drawn to the water and drawn to the sea. It’s as if we instinctively know that it is from the water that we evolved and deeply remember our watery birthplace. The Mermaid draws us back, back to the beginning. In this Mermaid Booklet, I explore the wisdom of the mermaids and how we can use that wisdom in our lives.



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June, 2017 - Turin Goddess Temple

Such a fabulous time with the women from the Italian Goddess temple in Turin as we meditated and journeyed with the Sea Hag.



Nannup, WA 2018

 In the Forest landscape connecting with wild nature and our dreams for the future.



August 2016

Sitting in Circle and weaving our prayers body and soul as part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple


"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty?"

Maya Angelou


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