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Events, Courses and Offerings for 2017

Sea Priestess - Online Course begins February 2017

I am very excited to be offering this course online...reserve your space now as numbers will be limited.

Everybody says women are like water. I think it's because water is the source of life, and it adapts itself to its environment. Like women, water also gives of itself wherever it goes to nurture life....

Xinran, The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices

Our link to water and its connection to the divine and our own sacred nature is something that stretches back into the mists of time, for this ‘blue planet’ our home; is a watery planet and it is from water that we owe our very existence.  Water is a living consciousness that has been with us since the beginning of time. It flows through us connecting us to it and each other. In this course we connect with the Great Mother Goddesses of the Waters and with our home planet Gaia and we place her at the centre of our lives. We connect with the starry realms and with the seven sister of the pleiades known as the 'sailing ones'. We remember and reclaim our Priestess selves culminating in our immersion as Sea Priestess.  As we journey we ask to discover our unique ‘Sea Priestess song' that is our own medicine and a clue to our life’s purpose, our ‘dharma’. During our time together you will develop practices to deepen your relationship to Goddess and awaken to your spiritual calling as Priestess. Together we will listen for her inspiration and practice gratitude and elation in the joy of living on her body.

Part 1 – Begins at Imbolc (NH)/Lammas (SH) 2017

My Body as a Temple

In this first part of our journey together you will work with the question of how you love and inhabit your own watery body? Do you honour your body as temple? You incarnated on this planet to experience what it is to be human in a body, a flesh and blood, watery body. You will honour the water in you body and begin to lay the foundations for your ongoing practice.  Learning techniques to ground your practice and to connect  with the earth as Gaia, you will revel in your senses and open to the sensual experience that is being an incarnated soul on this beautiful planet. 

Part 2 – Begins at Spring Equinox (NH)/Mabon (SH) 2017

I am the sacred Chalice

Your womb is a sacred vessel and holds the key both to your connection with Gaia and to your own awakening. Utilising meditation and womb practices you will activate your womb centre (whether or not you have a physical womb) and explore the seat of your power as a woman. You will open to your intuition and emotional body and using the moon as a guide you will discover the mysteries of the moon lodge learning how to create ceremonies for yourself and other women.

Part 3 – Begins at Beltane (NH)/Samhain (SH) 2017

I am Fire & Ice

Reclaiming your Priestess self you will explore from a place of compassion where in your life you may be out of balance. You will meditate on the union of the masculine and feminine bringing those internal energies into unity so that you can explore your creativity in a balanced way. You will examine where you may not be at peace in your life and where you need to engage your focus. Through channeling the breath and sound vibration you will learn the power of your own voice and through chanting and mantra you will begin to discover the power of your 'song' and the depth of the medicine this can bring to your life.

Part 4 – Begins at Summer Solstice (NH)/Winter Solstice (SH) 2017

I walk the path of the heart

Turning your attention out into the world you will develop the practice of stillness and with an open wise heart you will listen deeply to the water to hear the first stirrings of your Sea Priestess song. This song is the key to your souls yearning. You will take a personal journey to an edge place between the land and the water to hear Gaia's song. Opening your heart you will walk the land and swim in the ocean leaving golden threads to mark your way. 

Part 5 – Begins at Lammas (NH)/Imbolc (SH) 2017

I dream of doves and oracles

You discover more fully how the Sea Priestess is an Oracle priestess and you develop the techniques of the oracle so that you can open fully to hearing the voice of the Goddess and her messages for you. Stepping fully into your Priestess self you begin to imagine and develop the unique Priestess practices that only you can bring to the world. We will connect with the starry realms and with the pleiades to discover the secrets of the 'sailing ones'.

Part 6 – Begins at Mabon (NH)/Spring Equinox (SH) 2017

I am my Sea Priestess Song

And as the seasons turn you listen ever more deeply to your Sea Priestess song and to your hearts true desire. Through your song you can discover the key to your soul path and your Dharma. You express your song through your creativity and the gifts you bring to the world. As you are held within this journey you can bring your tender heart offerings out into the light and into a held space before offering them to the world.

Part 7 – Begins at Samhain (NH)/Beltane (SH) 2017


You now enter a deep meditation on your journey so far and decide whether you will continue to walk the path as a Sea Priestess?  This is the true beginning of your journey and through designing your own ceremony of dedication and witnessing the ceremonies of others you can make a deeper commitment on your path as Priestess? This is your opportunity to create a ceremony of dedication to your path. 

Part 8 – Begins at Winter Solstice (NH)/Summer Solstice (SH) 2017


We celebrate each other and all of the gifts that we bring to the world. Whether of not you have decided to dedicate this is a time to celebrate what you have learned, the friendships you have made and the journey we have taken together.

This online course takes place over nine months and during that time you receive:

  • A written introduction to the theme of the season with suggested practices
  • Audio meditation with each season
  • 1 x 1 hour Skype sessions with Louise to discuss your practice and any questions that may be emerging. This Skype sessions can be arranged at any time over the course period to suit your needs (exact timing can vary dependant on Louise’s availability).  
  • Online support from your fellow Sea Priestesses via the Facebook group

The course fees are £165.00 GBP. Payment can be made via Paypal or via a direct payment. All course materials are delivered by email or via the website and it is your responsibility to make sure that you have access to a computer, a valid email account and that you are able to set up a SKYPE account and be available for the sessions. If timing needs to change for a SKYPE session then at least 24 hours notice is required. The Facebook group is not a requirement of the course and you do not have to be on Facebook to attend, however it is there to provide support and to allow discussion and celebration with others on the course. Course materials will be delivered approximately one week before the beginning of the course and thereafter one week before the next part begins. Refunds are available after the delivery of the first course material if notified within 14 days via email but thereafter no refund is applicable. The authors copyright is asserted for all written materials delivered in this course. Copyright © Louise Tarrier 2016



"Louise Tarrier is a very gifted, heart centred Trainer and Facilitator  of the Sea Priestess Course. 
It is a magical, inspiring, healing and totally devotional Goddess experience. 
Louise gently and wisely guides you, with Her beautiful meditations and prayers, and other inspirational Course work. Her connection to Goddess flows radiantly as ancient knowledge of the way of the Sea Priestess is reawakened and reclaimed.
It is truly an outstanding Course and I highly recommend Louise Tarrier's Training.

Lakshmi Westwood
Ocean Heart Priestess"

The Sea Priestess - Discovering the song of the Sea Priestess - Italy June 2017

In these weekend workshops we will discover the song of the Sea Priestess and connect to our watery origins. We will explore the vibration of the Sea Priestess song and how we can establish our communication with Mother Earth as Gaia/Ge and the starry realms of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades to re-member the oracle practice of this ancient priestess order. 

Sabato 17 e Domenica 18 Giugno 2017, Ceriale, Tempio della Dea Liguria

Sabato 24 e Domenica 25 Giugno 2017, Sassari, Tempio della Dea Sardegna

 - follow the link to find out more

Image Cher Lyn - Oracle cards: Tools for transformation

Goddess Conference 2017

The Goddess Conference takes place in Glastonbury at Lammas each year.  It is a fabulous opportunity to take a soul journey and pilgrimage within the beautiful landscape of Glastonbury/Avalon. For more details see  Louise holds a prayer circle each morning at the conference which welcomes all  conference participants. Why not come and say hello in 2017 at the morning prayer circles. 


The Way of the Sea Priestess - an inner path immerses you into a world of ancient priestesses and long lost spiritual practices. You will discover the ancient rites of the Atlantean Sea Priestesses and their wisdom and healing. Journeying with the moon as it waxes and wanes in the night sky, you will reflect and meditate on the connection between your inner and outer world. Learn about the Goddesses associated with water and invoke them into your life for their blessings and guidance. Listen to the call of the ocean as the tide ebbs and flows. Attune to the natural world and understand how you are an intrinsic part of it through meditation and practical exercises. Keeping a moon diary you will develop a daily practice so that you may truly know your inner nature and become the Sea Priestess that is within us all. - For the Italian version of the book please email for more information

Order the book now via Troubador. Kindle edition is also available from Amazon, itunes, WHS or via the Troubador website. You can also find the book in the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury Also find further information on Facebook 


Heart Song is a poetry collection in celebration of the Goddess. It is a journey through the elements and a prayer from the authors heart.

Available from this website for £7.99 and the Goddess Temple shop Goddess temple gifts.
If you want to order direct from this website then please email us at with your name and postal address and then pay via the Paypal buy now button.