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embodied creativity

Creative Prayer . . . a journey toward self empowerment

When I pray, it’s with the sway of hips

and the subtle movement of my hands as they reach to the heavens.

When I pray, I move to the rhythm of drums

as they mirror the heartbeat of the Earth melding us into one.

When I give thanks, I libate the earth with my blood.

The blood of my womb as my foremothers have for all time.

When I give thanks it is when the moon is full

and my heart aches with gratitude for all I have been given.

When I create, she moves my hands

and my heart moulds her form and breathes it into life.

When I create I become all women,

fertile and fecund, all knowing, blessed with her wisdom. (Tarrier L, 2014)

We all have an ability to be creative, we are born that way. Our creativity may show up in very different ways but it is there. What is really exciting about this self-discovery is the opportunity that presents when we realize we can write the story of our own life. When we realize we can envision a better future not just for ourselves but also for our wider communities.

Discovering and then working with our creativity helps us to find our authentic voice and to remember who we are. 

It encourages us to invite collaboration into our lives and to appreciate diverse voices and ways of knowing. 

Instead of avoiding and fearing change we welcome it into our life and we develop a questioning and inquiring frame of mind. 

Decision making improves because we recognize patterns in ourselves and others. We also come to understand the importance of reflection both within our decision making and in our wider lives.


We build an appreciation for ‘right brain’ thinking, for imaginational and non-linear ways of interpreting the world. That is not to say that linear ‘left brain’ thinking is wrong, of course not. We just build an appreciation for the more intuitive and imaginative capabilities that we all possess. In combination we can then make wiser and more insightful decisions. Gaining trust and respect from those around us.


Our ability to create, to innovate and experiment, our very humanness is awe inspiring as is the planet on which we live and it inspires within me a sense of gratitude that requires expression. 

So what can you expect from Creative and Prayerful learning?

•  Can help you to focus on values and assists in inviting meaningful work
• Invites collaboration

• Values change

• Appreciation of diversity

• Encourages self reflection
• Healing and therapeutic
• Access personal drives and imagination

I invite you to dip in and exercise your creative muscle you will be amazed at what you discover. To contact me to learn more or to organise facilitation click here