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   I am so pleased to meet you here and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and speak about what I love to do. I describe myself as a creative facilitator and through the medium of counselling, creative prayer and therapeutic art I work with individuals, groups and organisations to support them through transitions and changes.  

   Creative Prayer is an intuitive and experiential body led practice, a conversation with the divine aspects of self and Divinity. It is not affiliated with any particular religious practice but instead seeks to help us define our own individual response to values and ways of knowing. Our Creative Prayer can take on many forms and its experience can be transformational. My own prayer is one of devotion to the Earth as Gaia and the seas and the oceans. Creative prayer offers me healing and inspiration. and It is an expression of my gratitude and a powerful spiritual practice. I offer sessions via SKYPE and person to person in my transpersonal counselling practice in Dalyellup, Bunbury and utilise creative and art therapy techniques to assist individuals and organisations/groups in transition.

   I hope you enjoy this website and that I can work with you or groups that you facilitate to create inspiring and innovative creative expression experiences

Louise Tarrier MATP

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